August 23, 2013


Social Media optimization (SMO)

SMO is the process, your content or your product information easily shareable across the social web. SMO can lead to increase traffic to your site.

Social media marketing (SMM) is a combination the goals of the internet marketing with social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Linked in, Digg, my space, delicious etc……..

Current scenario Social Media can not combine with any search engine. But all the search engines rate of growth is  effected by all social networking websites, social book marking websites, tagging, video blogs,micro blogs, social media optimization (SMO).

This is exactly how I build both my personal and my companies’ brands. As you’ll notice, social media is the center stone.

But here’s how it all fits together:

1. First I build presences on Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, and LinkedIn — participate in the community, add friends, and join the conversation.

2. I link each of my profiles to my personal website to help build my personal brand. At the same time I link to my company from each profile, which helps it build more traffic and potentially acquire new customers.

3. On the social profiles I post on topics that make me seem like an authority figure in my space, which helps me land speaking gigs. These speaking gigs tend to convert very well for customer acquisition for my company.

4. Every time I speak I tell people to follow me on Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus and LinkedIn, which helps me grow my audience.

5. As I start getting more of a following on these social sites I promote my businesses through there, which doesn’t just build traffic, it also causes new people to discover them and link to them from their blogs/websites.

6. Because my social media profiles are growing, I then hit up industry news websites and blogs and ask them if I can guest post on their site. I also tell them how I will promote the post through my social profiles, which helps get them more traffic. These guest posts also bring in more customers as I include a bio in each guest post that links back to my company website.

7. Lastly, I constantly monitor who is saying what about my competition on these social websites. When I hear people complain I hit them up and tell them how my company can solve their problems. This has helped me land big contracts with companies like HP and Samsung.

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