August 23, 2013

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) :


Search Engine Marketing is a process to improve the website on line presence at search engine result page. which includes a set of marketing activities to achieve certain objectives.

Search engine marketing also known as PPC OR sponsored links this will increase the traffic immediately and this process is paid version.

SK Global Services involves on Search Engine Marketing (SEM) process tasks like keyword research and analysis, we will select the more traffic keywords with less price in budding so that website will get more ROI (return on investment).

Main Objective of Search Engine Marketing (SEM):

  •  Increase the website traffic
  •  Increase the contacts
  • increased sales
  • Search and investigation of new potential customers
  • Strengthened brand/website
  • Growth of the mark
  • Will receive the proper visits to websie


  • Keyword research
  • ppc campaign setup
  • Campaign Optimization
  • PPC campaign management
  • Return on investment analysis

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